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Stacked Pillow Cake - Level of difficulty?

Hello all! I received my first order for a carved, stacked pillow cake for a little girl’s birthday, and I’m already starting to stress out over it. I’ve only been making/decorating cakes for a little over a year now and I’ve never done a carved cake that needed to be stacked. I’ve seen some amazing pillow cakes, but I’ve also seen some not so amazing ones. If anyone has done one and knows some of the key points I should watch out for or tricks of the trade, could you please let me know? Thank you in advance!

Baker from The Epicurean Delight - Falls, PA

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Nikki Belleperche

I personally use the wilton pillow pans, that way you don’t have to worry about carving it and getting the shape right. If you have a michaels craft store local they often have 40-50% off coupons every week so you could get the whole set for around $25! Then for stacking just make sure you use boards and straws (or whichever supports you prefer) in between each layer

Pam and Nina's Crafty Cakes

We will be making a pillow cake on Thursday for the first time also. We went to Michaels with the 50% off and bought the pillow pans. There is a three part video by Wilton on youtube. We watched it to get an idea before we took the plunge. We will let you know how we make out. If you need to make the cake after we do, we’ll let you know all of our snags so you can avoid them!


Thank you so much – both of you! I had no intention of buying the pans, but I have a Michael’s relatively close by and I always print out those coupons, so I think I’ll try to get there this weekend and pick up the pans.
And that would be wonderful if you could let me know how your cake goes – My order was just placed and it is for the first week of June, so I have some time to practice :)


I don’t know if they’ve changed the packaging, but when I bought those pans, the batter amount on the directions was wrong. Use your judgement instead of the directions :D I ended up with a really messy oven.

Nikki Belleperche

That wilton video Pam and Nina’s crafty cakes mentioned is really helpful. I watched it before I did my first pillow cakes as well.

Pam and Nina's Crafty Cakes

Well, just finished our pillow cake! It was really great. The Wilton pillow cake pans are excellent. The directions are wrong and the amount of cake mix in cups is wrong. We made 2 of the 10 inch and 2 of the 6 inch and it took about 5 cake mixes which is about 11 cups of batter in the 10 inch and about 3 cups in the 6 inch. We are working on a tutorial that we will have up shortly on our journey. We love the results that we got with it. The curve of the cake is a natural for dirty icing and putting on the fondant.
Like previously mentioned, we’ll put up the tutorial, and you can see how it went. Any questions before that, let us know!!


Well this is kind of late, but thank you all SOOOOOO much for all of your advice!!! I printed out a coupon and went right to Michael’s to get those pans (Thanks Pam, Nina & CorpseQueen), and I heeded the advice of Judi and P&N and just added the amount of cake mix I felt was appropriate (not that crazy amount they have on the packaging) and they worked wonderfully!!! I did carve them a tiny bit to get more definition, but other than that, it was great! Thank you so much for your help and giving me a boost of confidence before I jumped into this cake adventure! :)

Robert Allen

Very nice, and to think you were stressing over it. You do great work. Welcome new challenges, don’t stress, Because in my opinion (based on this cake) you will rise to the challenge and create something beautiful.


Beautiful job!

Laura Jabri

wow amazing cake, I wanna do a cinderella pillow cake with slipper on top, I cant buy the pans here, can you help me a little bit please.


Speechless. The best pillow cake I have ever seen!