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Sweet art

The people still are surprised when I speak of eating artistic sweets, there is the one who wants to preserve them, or even to whom it makes sad to eat them.

I am a pastry chef but before that I’m creator of eatable art. I started by painting, modelling clay and carving stone. After years like sculptor and art director of projects in not eatable materials I decided to mix my passion for the confectionary with my devotion for the Art.

If it wanted to do lasting art it would do it, but I think that as we live through the better thing it is not to accumulate. For me, the sweet works as an artistic piece it supposes an evolution, for which it is a support that allows to enjoy the work with more senses: besides the sight and the tact, it can delight the smell and the palate, and in addition it is ephemeral. The intensity with the one that is lived slightly ephemeral. The intensity with the one that is lived slightly ephemeral and the documentary and perceptive track that stops they are much more powerful.

We speak about intensity, passion of living and enjoying it to the maximum. I do it creating and consuming sweet art. And you?

-- Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist


Calli Creations

I totally agree with you Daniel… If I want to do a permenant work of art, I paint on canvas, or water colour paper etc… But for cakes, people must cut it and eat it after enjoying the viewing. It part of the pleasure…. You can always look at the photos afterwards… And keep as a good memory of a time when it was pleasure and joy.
I do not keep a gallery of cakes… Once a cake or exhibit piece has been viewed, it is either eaten or (if an exhibit) put in the bin.
You are an amazing artist and sculptist, I love looking at all your inspirational creations..
Great discussion by the way :)

Allways Julez

Very well said Daniel and Calli! …for me it is also a labour of love. Taking time to create something for family or a close friend, which shows you value the relationship. To see them with a smile or look of excitement.
And yes… definitely meant to be eaten!!!

Daniel Diéguez

Thank you Calli!! I agree, the memory and the photos of the moment are enough reminders to keep.

That’s true Julez! when you create something special for someone you love the best compliment is to enjoy it in all senses, including eat it.


There is nothing better than the look on children’s faces when they see the birthday cake. Every face is filled with wonder, and it is such a special moment knowing you have just created a memory that will never fade. And then they can’t wait to eat it…..
My son-in-law is the one you refer to who is sad to eat them – he has to leave the room when a cake is cut! I have to make a rich fruit cake for his birthday as it takes weeks for him to cut it.

Sweet ObsesShan

I really love this and love the way you describe your passion. I truly love cutting into my creations and enjoying them for what they are, edible art.
Your work is beautiful.

Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering (Nancy Goolsby)

I believe people admire your creation even more, when they can actually taste, and in a way be a part of such a divine piece of art.

Daniel Diéguez

Yes Judy!! The look of someone’s face when they see their celebration cake is one of the best things!!

Thanks Sweet ObsesShan!!

I agree! Their admiration is more powerful because they can enjoy it in more senses Nancy! :D

Mayte Parrilla

Living day to day and savor a good cup of chocolate.
Life can end at any time, only account now.

Bethann Dubey

I so agree… The exciting part is eating something that looks like it can not be eaten it makes it special and normally it is for a special occasion and becomes the centerpiece of the celebration :) it stimulates many senses.. sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing ….some pieces light up and have music some are buildings, animal, people they are endless and on top of that they taste amazing!.. cakes and chocolates have come a long way from where they began :) can not wait to see where they go in future :D

Daniel Diéguez

Yes!! we just continue the journey!! :D :D :D

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

I agree with you Daniel. When I discovered I could put my 2 most favourite things in the world together………art and pastry……id finally found what I wanted to do all my life! ♡

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

and… Finally the ARTIST eat his master piece !!!! <3

Fifi's Cakes

what a lovely post! yes, indeed cut the cake!! that’s what it’s for! So many beautiful canvasses are hidden away in attics.. have never been seen .. but cake is seen and loved by everyone and always at a joyous occasion (sometimes even at a wake when it is a celebration of that person’s life). Cake and sugarcraft has opened up a world of creativity for people who would otherwise not have ventured into any form of art – it boosts the confidence, brings so much happiness, creates challenges, opens up doors to a world full of new like-minded friends .. so many positives! Yes, keep it growing!! There is something for everyone in Sugarcraft and Cake! Amen. ps … I do confess that I have a little collection of sugar and cake pieces which are special keepsakes – If they are not going to be eaten, I could never bring myself to throw them away and they are propped proudly in the studio, sad old romantic that I am.. :) xx

Julia Hardy

Ok, this is where I stand. Two years ago, on my 50th birthday I was given the most wonderful surprise of my life – a birthday cake made by Pamela McCaffrey who is adorable and uber-talented. I still have it

I keep it here in my little cabinet and I am so glad I didn’t eat it (although I have no doubt it would have tasted delicious) because it gives me great pleasure to see it every day. I also have some little ruffle flowers made by Sharon Wee.
There are some little models that I have made too – some have now gone off to celebrate special occasions on top of cakes but others remain with me like the little cat that is my avatar here and the dove which was once used on Cake Wrecks for a very touching purpose.
Sometimes people keep my cakes and don’t cut them and that is a huge compliment but I think they get the best of both worlds if there is a delicious cake to eat and then an element which although technically edible, can be retained as a little keepsake.
Having said that, if my work was made of chocolate, I would find it very hard not to eat it myself :-D x

Daniel Diéguez

I totally agree eith you Fifi and Julia. For me everything isn’ t black or white. :)