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Any Tips/Suggestions on Wedding Fayres?

I am planning to exhibit in a couple of Wedding Fayres and as I am a novice at it, do not know what to expect out of it or even worse what to take with me , apart from Wedding Cakes Mock ups. Is anyone out here with some valuable advise? Are they really useful and productive towards your business? Do you take samples with you? Anything advise would be very much appreciated!

-- Enrique@HaveSomeCake

I can’t help in terms of an exhibitor as I’m just a hobby baker – but I have been a potential customer.
I have been to a lot of wedding fairs though as I have two daughters! I wasn’t baking with my elder daughter so we were looking for a cake. Samples are a must from my point of view – the cake creator we chose had delicious samples which really influenced us. They were beautifully presented in bite size pieces in a variety of flavours. She also had pretty little sample bags to take away with her card in them.
A simple pricing structure is also helpful – saves embarrassment. Give the basics eg size and type covered in sugarpaste with board and ribbon, then some indicators of decorations and costs. Also helpful to take away.
We were most attracted to beautifully displayed tables so think about table covering, flowers, table decorations and display stands for your dummy cakes. You can also get pop up stands made quite cheaply in a lot of places.
I’ve put a couple of photos to one I saw recently that shows what I mean.
Hope this helps from the customer expectation perception.

-- Judy

Again Thanks Judy! All that helps from the customer side! hopefully I will get more inside thinking from exhibitors. It is a potentially expensive enterprise!

-- Enrique@HaveSomeCake