Lord of the Rings Cake

Hi I am Marsha and I’m a cake novice, I’ve mostly done cakes with flowers, but I’m doing a cake as a Gift for my Pastor’s son wedding. He wanted Lord Of The Rings Theme so I looked it up and came across this pic but I don’t have a clue as to how to start. Please can anyone out there help!!. Any advice I would appreciate

Thanks Marsha

-- Islandgirl


Nom Nom Sweeties

Wow. I’ve been doing cakes awhile, and I’m not even really sure where to start for this one. It looks like each tier is done in fondant, and then wrapped in a second piece that gets decorated with the scalloped edges. Those edges with the swirls look possibly either like royal icing stringwork or you could also mimic the look using gumpaste in an extruder tool. I’m not really sure about the rest of it though… it’s really complex.
You could try to reverse image search on google, to see if you can find the source of the photo (and also in turn the baker who made the cake) to see if it’s ok if you a) attempt to recreate the cake and b) if they say yes, ask for any tips they might have.
Good luck!


Oh my goodness this looks like an incredibly complex creation using a lot of intricate royal icing work. I know this sounds very negative – not sure this is a design for a novice as it looks to have been made by a very skilled professional. Would it be worth checking out some other designs that might be easier to achieve? Or maybe just take some of the elements rather than try to replicate?


@Judy and Nom Nom Sweeties thanks for your advice I knew it was a long shot, I did ask the cake creator for advice/ permission never got any response . I will have to rethink and check out some other designs.Thanks again