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fondant vs buttercream price

When pricing cakes, do you all charge more for fondant vs buttercream or swiss buttercream?

Id like to start making some fondant cake but I dont want to make it. I think buying the Satin Ice Fondant would be ok for me to use, however then I feel I’d have to increase the cost of my cake by 10.00 or so dollars to cover the cost of the fondant.

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The local bakeries in my area charge anywhere from 2 to 3 TIMES the amount of a buttercream cake!!!!/ArtisticIcingCakes

All bakeries I know of have much higher prices for fondant cakes then buttercream cakes but I personally sell them at the same price because I don’t like doing buttercream cakes and prefer doing fondant cakes lol. So having them the same price makes most people lean twords fondant :)

Nikki, So Cal,

I charge more for fondant because my ingredient expense is higher (I buy pre made fondant since I’ve never had much luck making fondant) and it takes me longer to work with fondant. I charge around $1 more per serving (give or take depending on the size * complexity of the cake)


I charge about a dollar a serving more for fondant, too.


I charge $0.50 more for fondant. I was hoping that my only charging $0.50 more per serving people would order more fondant cakes but so far no luck….almost all my brides choose buttercream!

I charge $3 a serving for American BC, $4 a serving for SMBC and $5 a serving for fondant. I know prices vary from place to place. Supplies are expensive up here, most my customers still order fondant cause they like the look, glad to cause I prefer working with fondant over the other two buttecreams. I understand why people would charge the same for buttercream and fondant, I too push the fondant cakes.

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

My base charge for fondant is $3.00. I charge more for fondant because I like Satin Ice versus making my own. I prefer the same texture every time so buying is the way for me.

My base price for a fondant covered cake is $3/serving. That would be with basic cake flavors and basic fillings. Any extra edible decorations such as flowers, figurines, etc are all extra. I do not do buttercream cakes because I don’t feel I’m good at doing them and I just don’t like to do them. Although, I agree with everyone in that it depends on your area. I live in the country about 30 minutes from any major city so my price aligns pretty well with other local cake bakers… But if I lived 2 hours south of here in Philadelphia, I could easily charge $8+/serving for a fondant cake!

Baker from The Epicurean Delight - Falls, PA

Thank you all for your input…….

so to make it simple for me…
what do you charge for a 8" cake with buttercream filling and frosting
and then what do you charge for an 8" cake with buttercream filling and fondant covered (nothing fancy)