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Badger Cake!!

Hi I have been asked if i can make a badger cake but have no idea where to start!! Does anyone have any ideas!!

Thank you

Ruby's Scrumptious Cakes

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Hi Ruby…I cant say Ive made one myself!….is it a 3d one?
If so there are plenty of hedgehog type tutorial which should be easily transformed , just shorten the snout and widen the back, and have his little paws sticking out :)

Like this but as a badger :)

I’ve not attempted a badger either. I sometimes find it useful to do a google search for the subject matter as a cartoon image. Helps to get basic shape and proportions right. Good luck! Victoria

Victoria, Sprinkled with love x, Nottingham UK,

Thank you for your advice I will let you know how I get on!!

Ruby's Scrumptious Cakes