Bare/Naked wedding cake prices??

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I have been asked to quote for a 3 tier bare wedding cake with 3 layers of cake on each tier with jam and some kind of frosting filling decorated with fruit and flowers. I gave what I thought was a reasonable price including delivery and set up but they came back to me saying that someone had quoted them a price for pretty much half my price! I have never done one before and am quite interested to know what the average price people are charging to find out if I am way off the mark or if this other person is just a mad hobby baker. Let me know what you think? Many thanks Lizzie x

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Sugargourmande Lou ...

Liz, do you follow CakeBaker at all on FB ? They did a spotlight for someone asking the same question … You may find the comments interesting and give you sort kind of idea of what’s being charged out there (obviously it often comes down to area/pricing ceilings). What I would say after you’ve read it, is that if you are round about the same price as the majority and someone has quoted half of that, then it may be a case of leaving it to them … Don’t leave yourself out of pocket lovely !! It could of course simply be that your potential customer just wants to see if you will give in to her and price-match …. Nooooo ! Cakes aren’t, or shouldn’t be, in the bartering arena … You’re worth more than that xxx

Nom Nom Sweeties ...

Wow, I just read the thread there and commented. Everyone there are complete total crazytown.

Not sure what you quoted her, but I would stick to my guns if I were you. Prices are a combination of the ingredients and supplies you use, time it takes, and then I also try to stay comparable to the BEST places also making cakes within 100 miles of myself.

I live in Michigan in a really poor area, so cake serving prices range from $2.00 a serving to like $5.00 a serving. I do “base” prices. $3.50 a serving for buttercream cakes. $4.50/s for fondant. $0.50 cents/s for fillings. And so on and on. I have set prices for sugar flowers. Brides provide the real flowers and all non-edible materials for their own cakes (ribbon, lace, etc) so I don’t get the wrong stuff. I charge extra for SPS systems, $10 to $15 a tier. For non-regular requests I just try to estimate… in my town small boxes of fruit are usually around $2.50 a box. So, to get enough good pieces I would charge at least $30 for the fruit unless the bride provided it for me.

Still, I always end up feeling like I didn’t get enough money for some of the cakes I’ve done and contemplate moving somewhere where I could charge more. :/

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design ...

Thanks so much for the help that link is really interesting Sugargourmande Lou I will now follow that page. I can’t believe the variety and range of pricing some mental person I think said $40!! Anyway plenty of people were saying the price I quoted so it made me feel more confident in my quote. Many thanks xx

Robin Meyers ...

I did a naked wedding cake recently. I can assure I spent as much time, anxiety and work into it as any other wedding cake. I found you have more pressure for leveling, pefect browning, MOISTNESS a biggie and attention to sugar flowers or cost for quality flowers from a florist. My bride wanted to use hand picked wildflowers but after speaking with a local florist who grows her own wildflowers we agreed that due to pests, poisonous plants and allergens it was better left to a professional to provide the foilage. I would not compromise on naked cakes. While they may require less piping and or fondant work it makes up for it in other new focus areas. I will post a pic of mine.

Robin Meyers ...

This is my naked wedding cake. Vanilla cake with bavarian cream and chunky strawberry filling. A combination of sugarflowers and wildflowers from my local florist. It was the same amount of work as any other wedding cake. Good luck!