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Sticks to out stars on

Good Morning. I am looking for the sticks that you stick into cakes that have stars attached to them. I am also looking for the thicker ones that curl and I have seen people attach fondant balls to. I want to know where I can get them. Please help. Thanks a bunch.


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Guessing when you say “sticks” you’re referring to the thin wires folks use? I’ve used the “Duff” brand that you can find at Michaels and A.C. Moore craft stores, but know others have used just crafting wire, although I’m a little hesitant to use something unless it specifies that it’s food safe :)

Becky, North Carolina,

Yes, that is what I was talking about. Thanks so much!

I’m one that has used crafting wire, but what I do is cut a straw the same height as the cake and stick it down into the cake. Then I insert the wire into the straw. This way the wire doesn’t touch the cake, inside or out.

If your wire is thin, you can use the small ones used for stirring coffee, or fill a larger straw with icing to keep the wire in place.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

I’ve used regular drinking straw before when doing a cluster of flowers, stars…all coming out of the center of the top of a cake. But if you are doing individual wires, then, like whitecrafty said, coffee stir sticks.

Thanks for helping me out. I am going to do this for a cake at the end of March, once it is done I will post it.

i read on some tutorial that they dipped the wires in white chocolate and then inserted it in the cake after it dried. that way the crafting wire never touches the cake. i’m not sure which one tutorial is was though. it was for gumpaste flowers.

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