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Attaching ribbon to fondant?

Hey all, I am nt sure how to attach ribbon, real ribbon, to a fondant covered cake? Also, which type of ribbon to use? And can you attach it to buttercream, not just fondant? Also how would attach ribbon in three places on one tier, for example a thick ribbon around the base, a skinny one around the middle and a medium size at the top of one layer, then I would do that to each tier, without the ribbon slipping down!? Any help or advice would be great!!! Thank you!!

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I’ve only attached “real ribbon” to a cake twice (once to fondant and once to butter cream) and I don’t know how most people do it, but since no on has responded yet, I thought I’d tell you how I did it and maybe that will give you some more ideas. I use little dabs of piping gel about every 6 inches. If your ribbon is a light color or not super thick, it will show through slightly. Now that’s around the bottom of a tier. If you did it in the middle, then you would probably have to use more so it wouldn’t sag, but again, depending on your ribbon, that will make any gel that soaks through the ribbon more noticeable. Hope that helps somehow!

I have seen some use little pins in the back to secure it, but that I’m not sure I would feel very comfortable with. Last time I attached ribbon to a cake I used crisco spray on the whole ribbon so the color was even. It darkened the blue a bit, but worked wonderfully to stay in place. I used a dab of buttercream on the very back where the ribbon met to secure it in place. I did have a border around the base though, so I’m not sure if it would hold in place without the ribbon. I would try maybe asking Cotton and Crumbs on facebook….she has absolutely STUNNING cakes/cupcakes and uses ribbon on her cakes a lot. Maybe she’ll be able to point you in the right direction. =)

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I recently did a cake that was covered in fondant. I used little dabs of buttercream around the cake to attach the ribbon. It ends up being pretty secure because the buttercream ends up drying up, i guess because of the fondant.

Thanks guys!!! I appreciate the feedback!! I guess well have to experiment! Love the crisco idea too!

I use edible glue – just be sure not to use too much or seeps out x

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I dip the whole ribbon in water and then make sure you squeeze out as much water as you can so it’s only damp….attach it round cake and as it dries it sticks!! Presto!!
I only work with fondant/sugarpaste so not sure if need to do with buttercream….


Snap Sasha! I use water too – easy, quick and best of all cheap! I soak the ribbon then take it out of the water… hold it between two fingers and pull it through to remove any excess water…dry my hands (so don’t get water anywhere else on cake) and place where you want it. Very easy and reliable.

Wow! Awesome idea thank you!!!!

Love the tip on putting the ribbon in water! I spent an entire hour last September trying to but ribbon on a 2 teir wedding cake. I used edible glue and pearl pins but I was very nervous about the pins! I will be using water the next time.

I read (I think on Cake Central) that someone attached a strip of wax paper to the back of ribbon they attached to a buttercream cake to stop the butter from soaking into the ribbon. Someone else warm iron and ironed wax paper over the back of the ribbon and they said it put a light coating of the wax on the ribbon. I’m getting ready to attach ribbon to a buttercream cake this weekend so I’ve been researching as well. :) My main concern is the ribbon soaking up the butter from the buttercream.

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