Painting Premade Gumpaste Roses

I need to darken some red rose sprays to a deep dark red and I’m not quite sure what to use. I’ve tried brushing with petal dust and the color never comes out deep enough. I’ve used Super red and chocolate brown and that didn’t look good either. I will make my own roses in the future but was in a pinch this time around. What is the best way to paint these roses? Thanks!



Fun Fiesta Cakes

have you tried airbrushing them? if you don’t have an airbrush, maybe you can mix the color dust with a little Vodka to see if you get a deeper color (try it on a flower you can spare).


I do have an airbrush system DJ, but my flowers are a spray with little white flowers that have to be painted ivory. This has been the biggest pain in the butt of anything I have ever tried to do. If this doesn’t teach me to make my own, nothing will! (Although, the sprays are beautiful…if only they were the right color!)