White frosting recipes! I need advice!

Hello everyone! I’m looking for white frosting recipes! I was asked to make a green sponge cake and I need the filling to be white so it can contrast with the green. I only have these options: italian meringue buttercream, cream cheese buttercream and white chocolate cream. If you have a really good recipe of these or any other white cream I could use as a filling, I’d be very grateful! And I need to know which ones can be left out at room temperature and how long or if they need to be in the fridge! I’m from Argentina and we are not very used to use these kind of fillings in our cakes but I really want to give it a try. I always use chocolate ganache to cover my cake before putting the fondant so I don’t have much experience using buttercream. Keep in mind we don’t have Crisco (I don’t know if that’s the right name) here, so I ALWAYS use butter. We have some vegetable hydrogen oil thing but I’m not so sure about it.
Thank u so much!

white frosting white filling recipe


Chris Jones

Here is SugarShack’s BC recipe:
_*Sugarshack’s Buttercream Icing
5 generous cups of hi ratio shortening
5 pounds powdered sugar
flavorings to taste
hot liquid
Note: make the liquid by mixing one cup of hot water with one cup of powdered coffee creamer. Use only the amount you need to get the consistency you prefer.
Cream liquids and shortening until smooth. Add powdered sugar in a slow steady stream on speed one. When all the powdered sugar is in there, go to speed 6 until very smooth. Scrape down bowl sides frequently. _*
This recipe makes a very large batch; but you can easily cut it in half.
I have ordered the High Ratio Shortening online before – maybe you can google it.
You can flavor it by using any flavor of coffee creamer (I love using Hazelnut in mine)
If this recipe is not ‘white’ enough, add just the tinyest bit of violet icing coloring until you get the hue you’re looking for.
It does not require refrigeration and it crusts just fine.
Hope this helps.


Hi there, I only have butter as well in France, but can give you a recipe for white chocolate buttercream which is absolutely gorgeous. This does not need to be refrigerated, unless it is baking hot ( over 28 degrees).

100g butter, creamed
Then add 100g of melted white chocolate. You need to make sure there are no lumps in it at all.
Mix them together really well and then add 360g of icing sugar.
If this is a bit too thick, add a little bit of sterilised milk (non refrigerated kind).
This goes almost white, but add a bit of violet colouring to get it whiter if you want.
Hope this helps.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Yes….I make Cooked Flour Frosting…. Soooo good. Tastes less sweet than SMBC or IMBC, and much, much easier to make!!


Chris your recipe sounds great but I haven’t seen any flavored coffee creamer here. I’ll check that again when I go to the supermarket because that recipe can be very versatile!
Mandy I really liked that recipe and it’s winter here so I will definitely give it a try. And it only needs a few ingredients, and is so easy!
Jchuck, that recipe is all new to me, I’m very curious about it. And I also LOVE the fact that is less sweet than SMBC or IMBC! This one is going to my favorite recipes right away I think.
Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!! :)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Any time.. :o)

Chris Jones

So glad to help orangelily!
June- I’ve never heard of that recipe either-will try it for sure!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Trust me Chris….you will love it. I follow the recipe on that blog to the letter. I must tell you I tried to experiment and used margarine….complete failure. It needs the full fat of the butter ( and shortening if you decide to use ). But that’s how we find out don’t we. We try something, it doesn’t work….pitch the idea or recipe….. :o)

Puddleducks & Peach Trees

Hey good evening :) , I use a tiny bit of violet sugarflair gel colour in my buttercream and it takes all the yellow tones out too. Exactly the same as a purple toner would react to bleached hair! Lol! just use a cocktail stick to add it gradually. Xx