Edible icing sheet - advice needed

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help?
I’m doing a wine bottle cake in the next couple of days. I designed a label and had it printed on an edible icing sheet – it looks good, but I’m worried that when I put it on the wine bottle (which will be covered in dark green fondant), it’s going to ruin the label, which has a white background.

I was thinking that I would cut out some white modelling paste thinly and stick the label to that and then adhere it to the cake. I’m quite inexperienced, so if anyone can answer this it would really help!

thank you

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bottle cake dark green fondant edible printing


Rayette Mungaven

I would put it on a thin layer of white. Otherwise you could try a sample on a piece of green to make sure it doesnt show through.

Jenniffer White

Yep, I would put the edible image on a thin white piece of fondant, gumpaste, modeling choc, etc.

Chris Jones

I think it will be fine either way, on the white strip or straight on the green. As long as you don’t get it too wet when you adhere it to your bottle – just make it a bit tacky. I’ve used edible images and love the clean look they give:) Hope this helps!