Petal Dust suggestions

I have recently started to work on sugar flowers and was looking at buying some good petal dusts. I am an ardent follower of Alan dunn and while he suggests sugar flair as the best petal dusts to work with, it does kinda seem a lil too expensive for me since i need to get them shipped from the UK. Is there any petal dust brand that matches the quality of sugarflair in the US? Does crystal color have a similar quality or is there any other. GSA has crystal colors and Ck. Please advice.

Thank you


Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I have never tried sugar flair but I love crystal colors. They have been at every show I go to. Very nice people. You can also buy directly from them at http://www.sugarpaste.com/catalog/orderColors.htm

Steph @ PartyAnimalOnline

I’m not sure if it would help but although we are in the UK we have really cheap shipping to the US and we sell the sugarflair blossoms, they are also available in discount packs to make them cheaper too. I’m not sure what the US equivalent is. Alan Dunn is fantastic, my Mum was lucky enough to have lessons with him when learning sugarcraft :) x

Ashwini Sarabhai

Crystal Colors hands down Nisha….they have a lovely range of colours and very nice too


I would suggest Nicolas Lodge colors …good prices also.