Hi, albenacakes, your cakes are very beautiful and creative, you are very talented, I’m following you now :)

Welcome to CakesDecor… you have amazing talent. Love your creations… ♥♥♥


Hello Albenacakes, your cakes are stunning, you are so talented :-) will follow you :-)

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Welcome fellow Canadian.
Recognized your cakes straight away from CCDG site….of which I’m also a member…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Thank you everybody for the good words. I am at the beginning of my career in cake design and all your support means a lot. I ill always highly appreciate your opinion.

Custom Cakes by Albena

You have awesome work! New follow from me xx

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I´m your new follower, I can´t express how wonderful your cake is. I´m speechless. xxx


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Custom Cakes by Albena

Albena your cakes are gorgeous, everything about them is beautiful. Looking forward to following your creations.

Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Welcome to Cakes Decor…. Your cakes are fabulous. You are such a talented artist

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Your cakes are all so amazing! You’re such a talented artist. Followed you do I don’t miss your art!:)

Jackie, Singapore

New follow…your dalmation cake is unbelievable!

Sharon A. *** Not Your Average Cupcake!

Thank you Albena of the lovely message. So glad I found your amazing creations on CakesDecor! :)

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Hi Albena, thank you for the follow, I’m following you now too. I am also in Quebec and very happy to meet you here. Your cakes are all such beautiful, artistic creations! xx


Your cakes are stunning my love, new follow from me <3

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New follower!
Beautiful cakes! 😍

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Thank you guys:-) Nice meeting you all and share with you my passion for cake decorating:-)

Custom Cakes by Albena

your work is beautiful x

ellie's elegant cakery

Thank you Ellie:-) Glad you like it:-)

Custom Cakes by Albena

Your cakes are beautiful! You have a new follower :).