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Advice/Ideas for a 30th Birthday/Superbowl party cake (female)

Hi everyone!

I need help coming up with a simple but thoughtful cake idea for a girlfriend who is turning 30 and hosting a SuperBowl/Birthday party at her house. It’ll probably be for about 30 ppl and though I want it to be more for her birthday I wanted to incorporate some football (American) into it. She is a huge fan of Christian Louboutins and Uggs, which I couldnt possibly try to sculpt but could possibly do a frozen buttercream transfer or gel piping transfer. Any ideas?

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It may sound really simple but what about:

An Christian Louboutins purse with a couple tickets for the superbowl sticking out of the top…or maybe a set of keys laying right next to the purse with either the patriots or giants logo?

Just a thought :)

Elena Z

Those are great ideas but it’s the CL shoes she is obsessed with. Here husband bought here a pair in Vegas and they were too big so she called every Bloomingdales in the country until they found one in her size. And if I were to put anything Patriots on this cake it may be the last time I make one! All NYers at this party! :)


what if you were to mimic the performance from Christina Aguilera from last years superbowl. She wore the Christian Louboutin Calypso Pumps and you can tint them the colors of the Giants and maybe put them on top of like a round cake with superbowl logo.

Sweets By Monica

A pair of CL’s on the 50 yd line with Giants/Patriots in the end zones.


How about a NY Giant wearing CL’s running with the ball? You could put him on top of a sheet cake made to look like the field & he could be on the 30 yard line since she is turning 30. If you really wanted to be ambitious, you could make a few patriots that have fallen down behind him. Maybe you could even pipe something like “At the 30 with a bright future ahead!”

Elena Z

Oh my goodness, such wonderful ideas! Keep them coming! I’m not too great at sculpting or modeling, I’ve honestly never tried. Maybe I should!

Loren Ebert

Here is a picture of a NY Giants cake that I made a while ago… Instead of the football, add your CL’s! :o)