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"What do you use to attach ribbon to the cake board???"

I have asked this question also on my facebook page. I am desperate for a good solution. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I use double sided tape. But in humid and hot weather, it can be a real pain in the you know what!!

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

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Hello there, I’ve just finished putting the ribbons on my cakes. Just use Pritt glue stick. Don’t use the cheap ones coz they will only smudge and ruin your ribbons. Hope this helps.:)

Ivy, Caerphilly,

Thanks CupNcakes :)

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

I use a hot glue gun, and only use a small dot of glue every 2 to 3 inches. Holds well, and also is easily removed. I don’t cover my cake boards with fondant anymore. I cover with decorative paper or fabric and then clear contact paper.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Exactly as whitecrafty said. I use hot glue gun, but only a few inches at a time or it dries too quickly.

Tiff - MA

Thanks ladies…I gave a glue stick a go today, and it was wonderful. I can’t believe how fast it was. Great time saver.

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

i use double sided tape or cloth tape that you find in a fabric store. It’s really good.

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Never thought of double sided tape…great idea! I’ve always used the hot glue gun, works great as long as you go a couple inches at a time and use a ribbon that the glue won’t bleed through.

Stacy, Battle Creek Michigan - | facebook:

I never thought of double sided tape either. I think I may try that out next time.

Tiff - MA

Good ideas! I use tacky glue for ribbon on foamboards.

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska