Lisa-Jane Fudge


Lisa-Jane Fudge

Jan 2012 422 Langwarrin, Victoria Australia

Hi my name is Lisa Fudge, and I love to bake and decorate cakes. I started making cakes back in 2008 starting with my cousins son's 1st birthday cake... a Wiggles themed cake. A few weeks later my eldest son was visiting his girlfriend when he noticed her sister looking at cake designs online and he said "my mum could make that". So I said I would give it a go, and have been making cakes for family and friends ever since. And loving every minute of it.

-- Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,



Hi Liza! Your cakes are gorgeous! I have to follow you! hahaha!:)

Lisa-Jane Fudge

I am so glad you like them Jackie!

Mardie Makes Cakes

Love your work Lisa-Jane. So happy u are in Australia, might have to get married down there so I can have a wedding cake just like your most recent one :D

il mondo di ielle

Hi Lisa! fantastic creations!!



Sandra Smiley

Hi Lisa-Jane, to upload a photo, go to the upper right side of the page, in the red bar. Just to the left of the “Search members” box is a plus sign. Click on the plus sign ( + ) to upload a picture. Good luck!