Red velvet cake

Hi I am stuck, again. I have now been asked to make the top tier of a weding cake in red velvet with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting, this then has to be covered in fondant and large flowerpaste roses. What I wanted to know is how early can I make frost and ice the cake please. Am really worried about the frosting not staying fresh. Any help would be appreciated thanks :))



I’m not a professional but I have made red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and have refrigerated for 2 days prior to adding fondant and accents on.


Ok thanks, that’s what I was thinking


If you want your red velvet cake to come out excellent, make sure the frosting stays fresh. Why to take any risk if you can prepare it a day in advance.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Vanessa you can bake, ice your cake with cream cheese/white chocolate. Wrap well in plastic wrap & tin foil and freeze for up to a month. I’ve done it, no problem. Icing stays put..doesn’t change the flavour. Take cake out day before, let thaw on the kitchen counter. Then refrigerate when thawed . Next day put on your fondant.


Thanks everyone, wedding was today. I baked the red velvet late Wednesday and made the frosting yesterday then covered with fondant in the afternoon. Fingers crossed it all sent well