# of servings ... Cake + Calculator = Cakulator!

Hello, all! This is my first post here :) I’m only a hobbyist, but my trade is software development. In my spare time I’ve developed an online Flash app for determining the number of servings for a specified cake based on volume.

I’d love for some feedback on it. Does it look/function correctly in your browser? Would you like other options/features? Did I goof on my math?

Unfortunately I have yet to learn how to port it to iPhone/iPad/etc.

I can’t add some specialty pans (e.g. Wilton’s pillow pan) because all my calculations are based on volumetric formulas.

If you like, my original cakulator is not in Flash and also has a setting to use the Wilton serving charts (instead of volume):


servings app resource



What a great tool. Worked fine for me.

Fun Fiesta Cakes

I LOVE these charts – if you are new to the business this is awesome! Is there any way to download it -


i don’t currently have a way for it to be stand-alone on, say, a PC desktop. this was part of an exercise for me to learn some web-based app programming.

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

That is an awesome tool… I can never figure out how many pieces will come out of a cake…

Now all I would need to find is something to help me figure out what to charge :) I still battle with that too since I am new to this too

Monique Kleine

That is FABULOUS! I love how you can adjust the custom serving size as well.

Carrie Ashton

This is really cool…thanks for sharing!


awesome!! i really haven’t liked using the existing charts that i’ve found. i feel like the serving sizes are not realistic. thanks so much!!!!