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Hi everyone! I wanted to see first of all if it was ok to start a list of places people like to buy cake supplies online and if anyone would use it as a resource. I do most of my cake supply shopping online and there are so many sites, I was hoping to start a thread with sites you have actually used and liked your experience with the company. If your like me you don’t buy all your supplies in one spot. Let me know what you think!


I marked “untried” on sites I have found or heard of but I myself and no one on this forum have posted they used it.

These shops sell a wide range of products: untried untried

airbrushing, edible images

silicone molds, presses etc. untried

Cookie Cutters untried untried


Other noncake decorating sites you can find good deals on

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

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Well that’s enough people interested IMO to get it started. I think I will check on this post for replies and edit the topic to add to the list so just start listing places you like, if you can include maybe why you like it and maybe what you like to buy from the site if you only go for specific items. Hopefully this will help some of us find new sites to add to the ones we already love. I will post mine later!

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska I used this site for my cake dummies. It was the best price + shipping I found and I was pleased with shipping time and product.

Don’t know how many of you were familiar with Bake it Pretty, but they’d recently closed that online store and re-branded – they JUST opened their new site, “Sweet as the Punch” so they’re gradually adding items, but to my understanding it will have most of the same items we all loved on Bake it Pretty! For anyone who likes the swirls on my cupcakes, buy their “Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit”!! You won’t be sorry! :) Lots of pretty cupcake liners, too!

Becky, North Carolina,

Very cool keep them coming! I will edit this later tonight after the kids are sleeping and I will be able to focus my own thoughts. I personally like when I want to place big orders for lots of odd and ends, shipping isn’t terrible (I’m very picky about shipping living on a island in Alaska). is another good site, I also like Amazon for the free shipping although sometimes the price of the item is higher and there is a limited selection of cake supplies on their site. They do have good prices for baking pans and they usually fit in the free shipping category. No clue how these free sites do international orders, All are USA companies.

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

Plus, if you use lots of brown, greaseproof cupcake liners like I do (!) a great site to buy them from is and a nice box supplier is BRP Box Shop found here

Becky, North Carolina,