New site - far, far, far too many adverts........ :(

Lovely revamp but would have much preferred you left it as was if all these annoying adverts at every corner are the outcome of the update – a real shame and disappointment; they are far too intrusive and wont ever encourage me to buy – in fact most likely to make me leave the site altogether.

By the way, you can upload to the latest competition, either…. a small glitch, I am sure.

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Jan my guess would be the advertisements are paying for the site to be run and maintained. Servers and web providers are not free. Generally companies that buy ad space help pay for these expenses.

Just my 2 cents :)


In the previous version of CD there were 3 ad banners on almost each page…now there are still 3 ad banners on almost each page. Ads are still served by google depending on what pages you usually visit.
Ads are the only income for us and just FYI – all of the income goes back to making CakesDecor better, faster and more reliable so far. We have 2 options:
1. Serve the ads and charge the advertisers
2. Remove the ads and charge for membership

I think that #1 is better for our members.

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I dont find the ads a problem at all :)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Michal I just find they are very much more intrusive and flashing and annoying; the original CD was all about cakes and the decorator and now you are heading down the road of being unattractive to use. I know there were ads before but they did not detract from the use of the site.

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Jan, yes they are wider 160px before and 300px now, but we have to earn some money to pay the new server, apps etc…

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Shame -I.much preferred the smaller community touch that this used to be…. :(

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