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Hi everyone,

I’m a little confused at the moment. You see, I need to try out some new techniques on my cakes but I can’t actually keep the cake, if that makes sense… no… no that didn’t make sense… Okay, I want to try out some new recipes and test them in a tiered cake to see how it holds, but, It will be waaaay too much cake to keep in the house, it will all go to waste… I don’t know what to do, I’d much rather give it away for free then let it sit there.

I don’t normally make wedding cakes, I’ve made a couple of dummies for Magazines but I need to try one out for real, I know what to do to make and stack them, but I haven’t had the opportunity to make one for real yet.

I can’t have a cake sitting there that can feed over 100 people, I want someone to have it.

Any ideas of what I can do?

Laura Loukaides -

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Retirement Home as the eldery love seeing cakes like that makes them feel special or you could donate it a Soup Kitchen, I know what you mean though so much cake & acts so differently from dummies

Jo, NZ,

Donate it! Children’s home, battered women’s shelter, pediatric hospital, homeless shelter? Just some ideas!

Cakes ROCK!!! Christy Seguin, Austin, TX

Hi Laura x happy new year ! Having been a foster carer for a few years I know that there are many social workers that do a fantastic job in often very difficult circumstances and for very little thanks . How about your local councils childrens services department I’m sure they would be thrilled to taste test one of your fantastic cakes xx ( failing that invite us all over ;-) x

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Hi Laura… I don’t know what the rules are in England…
I have a family member in a nursing home… we are not allowed to provide food to any person there, apart from our direct relative… due to legalities with diet, allergies etc.
For the same reason, local schools banned being able to send cake to school for children’s birthdays.
Food laws are so very regulated here, I don’t know if I would legally be able to donate to a shelter or anywhere else.
I love seeing pics where a batch of decorated cupcakes has been sent to school, for a class member’s birthday. It’s so sad to see that go.
I wanted to have a go at doing a “tall” cake in 2013. I did one for my bithday…but downscaled it, by 25%.
Instead of the top tier being 4″ × 4″… I made it 3″ × 3″. The bottom tier was only 7"… instead of 10" etc…
The actual volume of cake was reduced masively… There were only 20 people at my celebration, but we got through most of it!
Good luck… hope this helps. Julez


I agree with every one else Laura but i think Julez is probably right about old peoples homes and hospices they might not take food because of regulations etc ( unless you know someone there) but you could make it for charity, i was asked to make a cake for breast cancer charity and an Alzheimer’s one, so some thing like that would be brilliant, they would get one of your beautiful creations that they can make some money from it and you get to practice knowing it will be very much appreciated!! i hope this helps, let us know how you get on! :-) x

Hi Laura!!! I agree with every one else…but how about finding a couple (to be married) that can´t afford it…you could do a give away… Hope it helps!! xxx

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Thank you all so much for your responses, you’re all very helpful!!
I would love to donate a cake, there are so many people who would like one. I’ve seen the look on peoples faces when they receive a cake, I’d love to make someone’s day like that, especially to someone who needs it.

I’ll let you all know how I get on!!

Thank you again Jo, Christy, Lisa, Julez, elli and Ana!! Xx

Laura Loukaides -

Ana’s suggestions is a great idea, or you could contact your local radio station and ask for a couple who would be willing to donate some money to a local charity in return for your cake. That way if it’s not a total success they are still getting a great deal, you get to try out your ideas, and a charity benefits too. It will also give you some publicity if you want to get some real orders for the coming year xx


You could donate it to a home for the elderly,children. That sort of thing or do you go out to work ? Then you could Rafael off 1or2 cakes for when the recipient needed it eg birthday, anniversary I did that last year and raised £500 for a children’s cancer charity so everyone is a winner you get to make your cakes the recipient gets a cake for the price of a Rafael ticket and a charity of your choosing gets a donation if you would like to see the cakes I raffled off they are in my albums under charity cakes xx

Hi Laura. I’m a nurse in a nursing home, the elderly residents I care for love cake! I know if You lived near me I would take it to work. The staff in aged care know each residents dietary requirements and would only give to patients that are allowed to eat it. Relatives bring in cakes when it is one of their birthdays to share with everyone.

Running a comp for a couple that are going to be married is also an awesome idea. Great publicity for you too!

A lot of aged care places do birthday cebrations once a month for everyone whose birthday is in that month.

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