Cream cheese frosting on upside down icing technique?

Hello! for those of you that ice your cakes upside down, has anyone done a cream cheese icing under the fondant? I know ones with a crisco base dont work but was wondering if anyone tried cream cheese.

-- Jessica, Kodiak Alaska




I wouldn’t think so – cream cheese just wants to collapse on itself at room temperature – Personally I would never use cream cheese icing under fondant, only as a filling, however saying that, doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but I wouldn’t think it would work for the upside down method.

Nikki Belleperche

I haven’t tried the upside down frosting technique yet so Im not much help with that. But I do use cream cheese buttercream under fondant quite often with no troubles. Im sure if you found the right recipe for a good thick buttercream you could make it work. Maybe try a small practice cake with it to see how it works for you?

Rachel Skvaril

I’m sorry! I didn’t see that you had posted this the other day so glad you brought it up when we were having brunch! :) I’m with TortaCouture….cream cheese frosting under fondant is a recipe for oozes, bumps, collapsing, etc. :) PS Happy Birthday, Jessica!!!!


Ty everyone! I didnt even think about just using it for a filling, I love cream cheese frosting. I do use it under fondant all the time. Maybe I will just try it as a filling and SMBC on the outside. Thanks again!