Ice blue colour for fondant/gumpaste

Hi Guys…..I am wanting to get that icey blue colour for some christmas decorating/covering but am having trouble achieving the colour I am after :( Is anyone able to tell me how to achieve this, I have tried using americolour sky blue mixed with just white fondant to tone it down but still looks more baby/sky blue….I really can;t get my head around how to get this colour…..I don;t have an example to post but its what is used to give that chrismassy/icey kind of look…if you know what I mean?..hoping someone can help. Thanks guys.



Laura Loukaides

If I ever need to make an icy blue, I put the tiniest amount of blue gel colour into white fondant.

Hope this helps xx


Hi Laura….thanks for your response……I did start by using sky blue gel colour…..maybe I used a little too much..will try again with using just a smidge…thanks again, much appreciated. Jen

Yum Cakes and Treats

Hi Jennifer! I use Wilton teal but just a smidge. It’s what I used on the snowflake cookies I posted. Hope it works!


I use Candy-n-Cake Powdered food coloring to color my fondant. I use the Blue powder to get that “icy blue.” They make a Royal Blue, but it is more Gray when using just a hint. You also do not have as much a problem with fading when you use the powders.


Hi Theresa, thanks for your reply. I;m sorry I did not see it earlier. Will remember that for another time, don’t really use many powdered colours but will give that a go next
time. Thank you.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I just made some icy blue fondant, and used Wilton cornflower blue. It turned out the perfect shade!


Thanks whitecrafty…..yes cornflower blue would be absolutely perfect!! (has that silvery icey look to it). I wasn;t aware there was a cornflower blue available…will definitely remember that for next time!