What camera are you using.

I have a nikon dslr camera and looking for a small compact camera with great quality. Can anyone suggest a couple.

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Nikki Belleperche

I use my iphone camera since I can’t afford a nice dslr. The Iphone camera works pretty swell though!


I use my iPhone as well. I wish I had a sweet dslr!


I use a Canon Rebel XTi dSLR. I was into photography in high school and bought it when money was disposable ;)


I’ve heard that the Canon Rebels are incredible. I couldn’t afford one when I bought my camera, but I use a Canon Powershot S5IS, but it’s only 8 megapixel and I would really like it to be a bit more sometimes. Good luck with your camera search!


I use a Nikon D90, I use to use a Canon Powershot, a little point and shoot camera. I got the D90 cause I LOVE to take pics in general so I wanted something nice to take all my pictures with. It’s been great and I this camera, so happy I got it but since I got it I learned alot more on how to take better pictures and thats whats really helped. I could of been taking good cake pics with the little camera all this whole time!