How to make a peacock body

Any ideas on how to make the body of a peacock from gum paste



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I would start with an egg shape for the body, make the neck/head separately on wire, and then put them together.

LiLian Chong

I did one just last weekend. I used 1 piece of gumpaste, shaped the neck and head and had the wire inserted to stabilize it. The tail is made out of petal cutter in varying sizes where the edges were marked with gold paint. This is the picture before I assemble it.


Wow, LiLian! You should post a picture of what it looked like after you put the tail on. I’m curious to see how it turned out.


Wow you did a beautiful job…..thank you so very much

LiLian Chong

I will post it once I have the pictures. Actually I ran late into delivering the cake at the wedding. So I did the final asembling at the lobby of the hotel and didn’t take the pictures. Still waiting for the bridesmaid to forward me the pictures. It was a cream cheese cake, so it was a matter of poking through the cream cheese where you think the feathers should be. Think it would be harder of it is a fondant covered cake. In that case I think you will need to assemble piece by piece and rearrange them nicely.

LiLian Chong

This is the picture sent by the bridesmaid. Sorry, it is not very clear. The peacock feathers were poked through the cream cheese…


Wow LiLian, superb and beautiful. great job you have done. Mind blowing design……….


Hi kayla
Hope this video helps you…..