A lawyer who bakes!

Many asked how do I find the time for both? Some found me crazy as well. Armed with a local first class law degree and a masters degree from the prestigious University of Cambridge, what am I doing? Baking and cake decorating is therapeutic and destressing (except when there is pressure on an impending order) as compared to the legal world.. Tonnes of paperwork vs beautiful cakes....

I ventured into a part-time home-based baking with a friend at the spur of the moment and found the baking venture extremely rewarding for my soul.

Of course fulfilling orders while working is not easy. A delicate balance has to be kept. Considering that the legal work is my full time job, the baking venture will have to give way whenever work calls for extra hours and weekends. One day perhaps baking will be my full time job and the legal work takes a backseat...


Hi Lilian, I saw your message about sometimes not being able to get things right when cooking. I work fulltime as a night shift nurse and find sometimes nothing goes right for me or I just can’t get creative. It’s terrible if this happens when you have a paid order. I sympathsize with you and know how you feel. Sometimes I’m glad if idont get an order or two I feel relieved. I’m sure you’ll be fine you are probably just tired. Best of luck. Kath

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Thank you Kath cakemummy for sharing your experience. That is exactly how I felt for the past two weeks! It was lucky I manage to bake and finish the free batch of cupcakes for the orphans although it was a last minute request. I do think I am probably tired because I am bringing home paperwork every weekend.. Sometimes I feel like leaving my work but I am currently bonded under an agreement for a certain number of years. Thank you so much for your words.. Hugs!

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Thank you so much for the follow, sending one back your way :)

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