Buttercream Meltdown

I am still green when it comes to making big cakes. I had an order for a 3 tier cake this past weekend. It was a 16" a 12" and 8" squares stacked. I worked very hard to get crisp sharp edges, and make the quilting perfect! I prepped my SUV with dry ice to ensure that the cakes would stay cool. It was about 93+ degrees outside, and even the airconditioner wasnt helping much. In transit to the venue, the fondant started to sag and the buttercream was literally melting and dripping out from under the fondant. This has never happened before. I was horrified. I had a batch of IMBC (that was used on the cake) in my emergency kit, but even that was becoming loose. When we got to the venue, the cake looked horrid!! I wanted to cry~~ Does anyone know of a great heat proof BC suitable for 90 degree weather? I’ve tried crusting buttercreams before and really didnt like the grittiness.. HELLPPPP!!!!!!

-- Crys, Kitty Cakes,

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Awww so sorry to hear that happen! I can’t imagine working so hard on a cake for it to just melt :(
Have you tried using vegetable shortening in your BC? I know its not the greatest but in times of need you gotta do what you gotta do lol!

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If the weather is very hot, or if you know that your cake will be displayed outdoors, you may want to consider using the Wilton recipe for buttercream, which uses Crisco (vegetable shortening) instead of butter. It will definitely hold better – you can always add a butter flavoring to enhance the taste.

Butter, gives the buttercream a very nice flavor and texture, but it is a disaster in hot weather. I live in Florida and the weather can be brutally hot – so I always put my cakes (even the fondant ones) in the fridge overnight – I take them out a couple of hours before delivery to allow for the fondant to air dry and then get on my way… doing this keeps the inside of the cake cold/cool during transport and I avoid having the buttercream inside melt.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ladies, I used shortening for a cake I had this weekend. Worked well!! thanks fir the tip Funfetti!


KittyCakes21 that did happened to me as well, but I did cry a little, then prayed! I had a couple of hours to fix it there with my kit on hand, woohoo! I did planned to use the vegetable shortening but did not. I use the buttercream frosting but the sun was hitting the cake in the back. When I got there it was a mess, smh! It was lesson learnt was to stick to the original plan. I did fix the cake bride loved it n cake tasted great with lots of thank yous and plans to use my again!

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I use half butter and half hi-ratio shortening in hot weather.


I faced the same issue sometime back not with such a huge cake of course, but the pain was same. I was highly disappointed. Since then, I never got the guts to take up this challenge. You guys are lovely and thanks for advising. I will try making another cake very soon.