3D Cakes

Michal Bulla

Amazing 3D Printed Sugar technique 25

My friend told me about a company that uses 3D printer to print toppers from sugar. I think that this technique will definitely make it easier to create special toppers from sugar. Is here anyone who tried it already? What do you think about...

Kelly Stevens

3D Hummingbird mold 15

I have done a bit of searching online and have yet to be successful in finding a 3D hummingbird mold. Does anyone know of place to purchase one? I am in Canada so it would have to be a supplier that ships here. What about a good tutorial for...

Rita's Cakes

Tips for 3D cakes 9

I would like to try to make a 3D cake. Any tips or advice I should know before I try. Thanks so much :)

Rita's Cakes

3D Sword Cake Help!!! 9

Any tips for making this 3d sword cake! I have no idea where to start! Any advice I would greatly appreciate :D

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Some Advice would be greatly appreciated please for first 3D carved project 5

This week I am about to embark on my first 3D cake of a cat, I have carved a flat horse head but never done anything carved 3D. It has to travel from Dorset to Yorkshire (a long way). Do I need to support it with a pole inside or anything if so...

3D Minnie Cake Tutorial

Hi there lovely people!!!! This is how I did my 3d Minnie Cake!!! I’ll have to say that I did have a lot of photos of the head but very few of the body, so this is what I manage to do. Hope you like it!!! ...

The Making of a 3D Standing Lego Ninjago Cake

I’ve posted my progress pics to my blog with additional info and detailed explanations but thought I’d post just the pics here and on FB so those that are savvy enough can figure out what they might need to do with just a bit of guidance. The...

3D Lego Figure

I’ve created a few 3D figures now after having made two cakes that featured them and was asked by many how I made them. So I created this free, detailed tutorial which will hopefully answer most of those questions and give you some guidance in...