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Dramatic Paisley

Dramatic color scheme with gumpaste roses and piped paisleys. I had to draw the paisleys freehand then exacto them out of fondant, pipe on them, and dry them on a shaper. I knew it would be tricky but it worked out well and the birthday girl loved it!

-- Bliss Pastry, Deland, Florida

Love the colors and design!! Your beautiful rose is magnificent!

-- Benni -

Fantastic! Love it :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

My Fav….This cake makes my heart beat faster!!! Love!!! Kristen you are too Fabulous!

-- Ann-Maries Cakes

One of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen!!!



-- Analaria1

New to Cakes Decor, one of the prettiest cake I have thus far……