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I started baking and cake decorating in August 2013 when I attempted to make a birthday cake for my daughters 2nd birthday. I soon became addicted and opened a home cake business in November 2013. I absolutely love designing and creating celebratin cakes, sugar flowers and models and making iced cookies. I can hardly go a day without creating something... And now look at everything with an eye to how I could create it in cake! Haha xx

-- Thesugarcloudcakery

Definitely in agreement! :)

-- Pb& Jenny Cakery

My husband thinks I’m crazy! It’s good to know I’m not alone! Lol :-) x

-- Thesugarcloudcakery

Lovely Cakes. Following you now! Corinna.


Thank you for following me! It means a lot :-) xx

-- Thesugarcloudcakery

Beautiful cakes … Lovely work … U have a new follower !!!

Thank you Anu xx

-- Thesugarcloudcakery

Your cakes are stunning, can’t wait to see more. Following you x

Beautiful work! New follower :)

-- Sonali, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,

I saw your new cake and was so pretty… I started watching your cakes… and now I´m amazed!! How different and original cakes!! And sooooo well done!! I love them!! I´m your new follower of course!!! xxxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Can’t believe I wasn’t following you here Fiona, could have sworn I was! X

-- Mel, Yorkshire,

I don’t know how I missed these comments? Thanks for following me and for all your lovely comments! :-) x

-- Thesugarcloudcakery