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CakesDecor Theme: Baby Cakes

Hi Everyone!

This week we are looking at ’Baby Cakes’. There is a fabulous collection here of absolute cuteness and perfection!!

There are so many different designs and styles showcased here, and also lots of inspiration if you’re looking to make a baby cake yourself!

Congratulations to everyone featured – these are all gorgeous cakes!

Please feel free to post any of your baby cakes below that I may have missed. Some members prefer to email me – this is also fine, I will add those for you too! :-)

Elli :-) x

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Sweet Couture

They all looks so beautiful. Thanks Elli!!


They are all adorable.

Angel Rushing



Lovely! 😍 Thanks Elli !

sugar voyager

Soooo adorable💕 Love them all😍

Sumaiya Omar - The Cake Duchess

Thank you so much for including a creation of mine ♡♡

Sandra Smiley

Such a sweet collection! <3

Karen's Kakery

They are all GORGEOUS xx and thank you so much for including my cake
amongst them Elli xx

Daisychain's Cakes

Thank you so much Ellie for including one of mine in this wonderful collection of cuteness 😊 Xx


melting away here with all those adorable cakes

Neha Bajpai

so adorable…lovely cakes :)

Gulnaz Mitchell

What an adorable collection, Elli! Thank you so much for including my cake too!

Shorna's Cake Corner

Adorable collection

Nessie - The Cake Witch

Thank you for including my cake Elli, they are all so adorable!

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

beautiful, I love so many of these xx