Finally moved into New Cakey Room :)

Some of you know that I moved last year and have been working in a small front living room (which hubby converted into a workable cake room) for almost 11 months whilst we have had building work going on with our house. To say it has been stressful is an understatement. I have been waiting and waiting for my new room which seemed to take forever but last week I eventually moved in. It’s not completely finished but hubby has seen how stressed I have been, he’s worked so hard getting it done (well I’ve been in there too!) but I can honestly say it feels that I can finally breath now.
Got to get some more stools for the breakfast bar as in a few months I will getting ready for my first teaching classes
Here’s some pics……………….

This isn’t an ordinary cupboard…………………….

When we bought this house and knew that I was going to have a new cake room I had one thing in mind and it was this cupboard!! It’s MEGA! The best thing in the room, I usually ice boards the week before and as you know they take up room/space and dome toppers do too so this cupboard is perfect for them. I was like a kid when he finished it.
Hope I haven’t bored you too much but I thought I’d share my little happiness with you all
Much cakey love
Carol xx




Life is too sweet to be bitter

It’s gorgeous carol !

Lisa Salerno Bespoke Cakes

Oh Carol, this is absolutely fantastic! What a wonderful, bright, and roomy place to create your lovely cakes!! Congratulations!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Wow… Looks great. Congrats…worth the wait….

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Wow, you are very lucky to have this space !!! ENJOY!!

HE is my rock and my strong tower

Wow, what a fabulous space and I LOVE your cupboard, such a clever idea. Enjoy your new room x

Julie Cains Cakes

Is perfect! I want it for me!!! Jajajaja

Lilia, Greece, Thessaloniki, e mail:

Ohh Roo its gorgeous!!! I love it!!! I love your cupboard for the cake boards, fantastic idea!!! Enjoy your lovely new room!!! :-) x

Oh what a wonderful space

Oh my word! So many amazing cakes in the same place at once!