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Interview #29: Ivone Kartadinata from Sugar Penguin Cakery

Thanks to Shags, we are bringing you an Interview with Ivone Kartadinata from Sugar Penguin Cakery. Enjoy!

This lady is one of the nicest in the industry. Ivone is always so supportive and encouraging and even lovelier in person. I felt so honored when she agreed to do this interview as she is one lady I really look up to in our industry and has still stayed so truly humble. When I think of floral cakes only a few come to mind and Sugar Penguin Cakery is definitely one of them. My other 3 I hope to interview later in the year. So here are just a few short questions to help you get to know this lovely, lovely lady better.

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1.How did you get started in the cake industry?

It started with a curiosity after a major disappointment when I ordered a cake for my son’s first birthday in 2009. It was nice and taste delicious, but it lacked of something for the price that I was paying for… ok, the nose of the tiger fell off and it had funny flubby legs. I was not keen on baking back then, as a matter of fact I was scared! I was very intimidated when it comes to baking, always so scared of what if it doesn’t rise properly, it doesn’t taste good, etc. I pushed myself by going through many tutorials online and hours of watching youtube. I finally had the courage to make one for my Mom-in-law’s birthday where half of my cake didn’t come off from the pan properly. BUT, it didn’t stop me from trying. I volunteered myself to make cakes and kept on asking for their feedback and tweaked my recipes until I am very satisfied with the result. I then ventured out to wedding cakes as I can spend hours admiring wedding cakes and beautiful sugar flowers.

I took my first sugar flower lesson with the renowned sugar artist, Jacqueline Butler in 2012, and fell in love with the sugar flowers ever since. I took many online lessons on Craftsy and finally had a weekend class with the amazing Nicholas Lodge. They have been the biggest influence in my work. It has been quite a journey of learning and finding what works for me.

2.If you could do your dream cake what would it be?

it will be a cake with a lot of sugar flowers, of course! 5 tier beauty, in shimmery champagne color, with some royal icing details, and a lot of sugar flowers, bold colors sugar flowers.

3.What is your favorite cake you have done so far?

It’s hard to choose just one, but my favorite to date, is the one that was created for DIY Wedding Magazine. The piece was breaking away from my norm in arranging my sugar flowers. I made the arrangement to have more botanical feel to it and I used more bold colors rather than my usual pastels. I used a mixed media as well by adding origami style wafer papers in the cake.

4.What part of cakes do you like the best and the worse?

The best part is seeing your sketch or design that you have in your head come to life, big smiles on the bride and groom as they saw the cake.

The worst part is always the delivery! I am a nervous wreck everytime I have to do delivery.

5.Is this your dream job or is there something else you would really like to do?

I never know that this will be my dream job until recently. THIS would be what I’d love to do.. Can it be called a ‘job’ if you have so much fun doing it?

6.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

London, England. Always attracted to London, maybe it’s the accent.. and the music.

7.What is your favorite flavor of cake that you make?

Deep dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream

8.Do you sketch your cakes or just wing it?

I have to sketch it, although I am the worst in sketching. I just have to see it in print.

9.If you ever did a cake challenge show who would you want as your cake partner?

I’d probably just curl up in the corner, crying when they say “You have 2 hours to go..!”

But I’d say, Kara from Kara’s Couture Cakes, or Avalon Yarnes of Avalon’s Cake.. or Liz Marek or Artisan Cake Company.

10.What is the one tool you cannot live without?

The metal ball tool

Some of Ivone’s Cakes

“See all Cakes >”:http://cakesdecor.com/sugarpenguin/cakes

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I’m such a huge huge fan of Ivone’s creations… All lovingly made and her passion shows in all she does, and extends the natural amazing talent for flowers and design… Loved the interview :)
I’m also very attached to my balling tool, I’d be lost without it.
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Ivone - Sugar Penguin Cakery

Oh thank you so much everyone, that brought tears to my eyes.. Thank you for all of your kind, lovely comments and compliments… Thank you, Sharon Spradley.. I cannot wait to see you again! How amazing it was hugged you and meet you at Cake Fest! And hopefully I will meet the rest of my lovely cake sisters and friends hopefully soon!