My First Wedding Cake - Vintage Style

My First Wedding Cake - Vintage Style
My First Wedding Cake - Vintage Style My First Wedding Cake - Vintage Style My First Wedding Cake - Vintage Style

I created this cake for my lovely sister Roxanna and her husband Roy. Her wedding theme was vintage, and her colors were ivory and wine. She really loved the hand-painted roses that I did on another cake, so I incorporated that into this one, but made them quite a bit larger this time. The bottom two tiers are covered in buttercream ruffles. I made the tea cup from gumpaste and then hand painted roses on it as well. I also made the other roses from gumpaste. The pearl border is fondant. The cake flavors were cookies and cream filled with cookies and cream buttercream, and then chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and ganache. This is the largest cake I’ve made to date, and I traveled with the entire cake stacked – so thank you to my husband for carrying and transporting the cake – he always makes me feel like we can do anything – such a strong, soothing and supporting person! Don’t know what I’d do without him!

Thank you for looking!

Tonya Alvey,


Breathtaking!!! STUNNING!!! So Beautifully done…and the handpainting…Amazing job you did!!!Lucky sister!!! xxx

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I love this! It’s stunning. Very well done. Also lucky you on the soothing, supportive husband ;)

Mel, Yorkshire,

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Say hello to the #1 spot on CD later today! ;)

This is absolutely beautiful, the painting is fantastic and the cup looks so real! Wonderful work! xx

Pamela -

What a beautiful cake! Your sister must have been thrilled with it.

It is beautiful and the painted roses are gorgeous!

greetings Daantje

WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!……beautiful and elegant cake!!!

Thank you so much Ana, thank you Mellie (yes hubby is great!), Peggy – thank you, you got a giggle out of me, and thank you so much Pamela, Goreti, Daantje, and Milene – I really appreciate everyone taking a peek at my work and giving me such great feedback. This project was my most stressful and I felt so much pressure (mostly from myself) to deliver something especially beautiful for my sister. I encountered several issues, and even had to modify my original design. I was so relieved when I got it there without any issues, and put the final rose in place. WHEW! I am sure you all can relate! :) But my sister loved it, and everyone at the wedding thought it was gorgeous, so it all worked out :)

Tonya Alvey,


Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

WOW, that’s gorgeous, you have one very lucky sister xx