Sugar Myths (2) - Hermit Shell-Dweller

Sugar Myths (2) - Hermit Shell-Dweller
Sugar Myths (2) - Hermit Shell-Dweller

I was delighted to be a part of the Sugar Myths and Fantasies 2 – 2017.

Here is my contribution . My Hermit Conch-Shell Dweller

Shell is made from pastillage, royal icing and modelling chocolate and hand-painted. The Hermit is modelled from modelling chocolate and modelling paste. Please pop by and see the other awesome creations. many thanks to Amber of for the invitation to participate in the collaboration and all hers (and admin team’s ) hard work.

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You do such absolutely stunning work, Calli! Always such a pleasure seeing your pieces!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wow!!! That’s so amazing, Calli!!!! ♥♥♥

Floralilie Sugar Art

Outstanding modelling! The shell looks real!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Awesome!! <3

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

Incredible work

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres