A mom of two and a whipped cream artist from the north east of India.Self taught skills with a passion and commitment to create beautiful memories with my customised cream cakes .Absolutely love what I do and look forward to sharing as much as learning by being part of this amazingly talented global forum .
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Simplicity in white and blue.


Thank you so much, Michelle, for your support! I am following you to insure I do not miss any of your work!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

You are most welcome Sandra ,equally inspired by your work.


Love your work Michelle…new follower from me

Angel Cakes

Thank you Angel Rushing .I appreciate it.


Hi Angel ,got this notification only now .I am so touched that you thought of me ,it’s strange yet beautiful how two people who have never met get connected via our passion for baking .Thank you so much ,another Russian lady by the name of Olga has taken the mirror glaze effect to another level .You must see her links 😍


Hi, Michelle thank you for the follow!Wonderful work!

Lovely creations! A new follower ☺

Iva Halacheva