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Spider monkey 3D cake

This little monkey was somewhat of a last minute project. I entered a Dutch cake competition with two entries but cancelled the second entry when I ran out of time.
Then finished my first entry earlier than expected and had a whole day free. So I said to myself I could spend that time on the second entry if I was sure I could make it in a day or less. No cheating, ONE DAY.
I must confess I had no idea what to do with my entry because my original idea was very complex and would have needed at least a week extra to even start that one lol

Soooo I took the first inspiration that popped in mind and I did it! Quickly made a frame that worked, threw my Rice Krispie Treats on it (Yeah yeah you can make it out of cake.. It’s a competition piece, no one will eat it, AND its allowed haha) and worked as fast as I could to make this fella. It got a gold award, first place in the category and one point removed from best in show, so I am MORE than happy, more shocked actually lol

-- Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3

renshaw colourflo rice krispie treats modelling chocolate fondant 3d cake novelty cake sculpted cake monkey spider monkey rkt modelling chocolate fondant airbrush



Fantastic creation!!!

jen lofthouse


Zoe White

So cool!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Fantastic..done in one day!! Oh my..amazing

Flappergasted Cakes

Lol yes, most of the work is in the face and the hands, the rest is made with my ‘very special’ (ahum) quick techniques, but they work 😍 no molds whatsoever though!
Thanks ☺💞

Maira Liboa



Amazing! Brilliant work!


Fabulous! ! !

Tartas Imposibles

Woooow!! Brilliant work hun, you are incredible!


Amazing !!

sugar voyager

Stunning as always💖😍


Amazing!!! ♥

CakeHeaven by Marlene



Excellent! 👍🏻👏🏻💖

Karen Dodenbier

Amazing work! Love it! x

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Spider monkey 3D cake