Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie

Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie
Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie

Frostington Sweet Shop and USA Coordinator

After participating in the 2013 “Bake A Christmas Wish” I was tickled pink to be invited back for another year! The concept was even more challenging and there were so many fantastic choices. When the time arrived to log on and register for our choices I had butterflies and hoped I wouldn’t miss out on creating a building. Architecture is NOT my strong suit when it comes to cake artistry, so this was more of a personal challenge; an opportunity to create outside of my comfort zone, & take my skills to a level my clientele normally doesn’t ask for. It’s edible art.

SUCCESS! Candy/Sweets Shop was my choice. And it did not prove to be easy at all. I used several edible mediums and one I’ve never used other than from a kit you buy at a grocery store…gingerbread. The bay window structure was the most difficult to create; the lines needed to be concise for it all to fit together. I was covered in gingerbread dust from using a citrus zester to trim the pieces. I likely spent the majority of my time making eensy weensy candies for the front window. I couldn’t resist illuminating it! I imagine some Frostington Villagers steaming up the (gelatin) windows for a peek at all of the delicousness inside. The shop sign is gingerbread decorated with fondant. I used an extruder to create the look of freshly piped lettering. And the “snow” is a mixture of crushed melted isomalt, cornstarch, & powdered sugar. I don’t know what I love the most, just when I am fawning over the wreath, I am adoring the details of the roof and how the fresh dusting of snow almost gives the entire piece “life”.

The word proud doesn’t seem descriptive enough to be “The America’s” Representative in supporting Icing Smiles, Inc.. We hope to raise awareness for this beautiful organization and enough funds to sponsor ALL of the America’s for at least one year!

Overall, this experience has been an amazing journey. I especially love the camaraderie of our members and the love and support they show for one another. It’s been jaw dropping to say the least to watch all of the pieces come together. I can’t wait for next year :)

Christmas In Frostington is the follow up Christmas Charity Collaboration to Bake A Christmas Wish (BACW), where we raised over $12,585.00 for charity in 2013. The response to BACW was overwhelming and incredibly humbling, we enabled 2 children to have their wishes granted via Make-A-Wish Foundation which was the best reward for all involved in the project, so it seemed natural, and somewhat crazy too, to organize another charity collaboration for Christmas 2014.

Christmas in Frostington is an international collaboration of over 150 sugar artists from all corners of the globe. As a group the focus was on creating a single showpiece that everyone could contribute to instead of individual, stand alone pieces and it was from this idea that the village of Frostington was formed. Our collaboration is completely unique as we are the only group to bring everyone together, new and more established sugar artists, with the sole purpose of fundraising for charity. This year we decided to support three charities, one charity from each of the main continents that our international collaboration represents. We wanted everyone to be able to engage with and relate to our project and for different types of charity to be supported. For more information, please visit our website and please feel free to share our efforts, that would be a great help as well :) Happy Holidays!

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This is absolutely adorable! Totally love it!

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thank you all! I appreciate your kind words more than you know :)

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