Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia


Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

Mar 2012 622 Manchester,CT

I did my first cake in a wilton class back in August of 2011 and here I am a few years later and its my passion and I get paid for it Im new but eagar to learn it all :)



Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

I do want to add I was messing with my cake dummies

Sheryl BITO

Hello Anna, thanks for following me! xx


Hi Anna, i didn’t know you at CD. Now i’m following you xx

Sweet ObsesShan

Cute cakes have a blessed day.

Enza - Sweet-E

Hey Anna I’m following you now…I didn’t know you were on CD :)

Little Apple Cakes

How come I wasn’t following you??? Well now I am, maybe ever stalking hahaha ;) hugs!!

Sonal Soni

Hi Anna…fabulous creations on your profile here xx

Mayte Parrilla

I love your work !!! Please leave me a comment … receives a hug from Spain.

The Custom Cakery

Anna! Congrats on cake decorator of the week! Xx

Love Blossoms Cakery- Jamie Moon

Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week! xx

Calli Creations

Anna!!!! Whoopie!!!! Congrats lovely lady. Well deserved xx

Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

Wow thank you so much wow


YAY congrats ANNA for being CDOW (whoop)

Lara Tartacadabra

Congratulations, Anna!! Love your work!! Just started to follow you, of course :-)

Enza - Sweet-E

Congratulations Anna. So well deserved ♡♡♡