Michelle aka “Chef Mitchie”, nick-named “Femme Fatale of Fondant”, as seen on Food Network, originally from Atlantic City, NJ. is a self taught pastry chef and cake artist. (though she’ll jest and tell you “I got all my mad skills while hiding under my Grandma’s kitchen table as a kid – well I had to hide, one incident involving peeling a carrot & stitches got me 86’ed!)

Mitchie has worn many “hats”: server, retail management, professional clown, movie extra. After a double dog dare led her to an open mic comedy night, Mitchie became a touring comedian.

After 6 years, Mitchie decided the traveling life wasn't for her (mostly because microwave cakes weren't fun to decorate in hotel rooms or eat…bleckth). She took a hiatus to finish her Bachelors in Business Management, and while doing so earned an Applied Science degree which brought her into the world of dentistry. Mitchie worked her way up from a dental assistant to a corporate level accounts manager. But 5 yrs later, couldn't wrap her mind around anything else but cake.

“I found myself doodling cake designs, researching ingredients, techniques, you name it. No one could even have a convo without me bringing up cake!”

Mitchies Munchies in Las Vegas, NV was born! Mitchie created a private bake SCHoppe specializing in custom cakes, apples, and treats. The schoppe is open by appointment only and everything is fresh made to order.

Mitchie is a Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles, Inc. and throughout the year she works closely with some local shelters, foundations, and churches by donating her treats and her time teaching children in the facilities some fun edible projects.

Overall – Mitchie is one of the happiest cake chicks you’ll ever meet. She possesses over 20+ years experience from a hobby gone bananas into launching a successful business. Loves to learn, share, make “artistic treats you can eat”, and has learned to properly peel carrots.


Ummm I have always loved your cakes!! I had no idea you were on CD so now consider yourself stalked! <3

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Thank you for the follow, following you back. Love your cakes!

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