Let it GOOOOO, Frozen Cake

Let it GOOOOO, Frozen Cake
Let it GOOOOO, Frozen Cake Let it GOOOOO, Frozen Cake

Focusing on Elsa’s castle and mountainscape, I would later add vinyl character/figurines provided by the client. Rather than fear the ole “cease and desist” I tread lightly when it comes to creating Disney themed cakes. While designing this cake I soon learned a fellow caker made something similar, so I immediately reached out to her. She was amazing and kind and encouraging. Alyssa Hall of Cuteology Cakes ROCKS!.

The castle is inspired by a coloring page. I loved the various angles it showed for the ice pillars and this was my attempt in a hand painted version onto Premium Luster Sheets. I painted the castle in six separate parts then cast clear isomalt atop. The castle is actually assembled and attached to an isomalt “cake plate” (without feet). The cake, is the mountain side, it was meant to feed 25, but I was on a roll and it topped at 40+. The illumination, at first, was extremely harsh and blinding, I created an edible light cover using DECOgel from Icing Images to tone it down and allow more of the gorgeous blues and luster to sparkle from the Luster sheet. Donut sugar was the perfect snow.

And lastly, I used the opposite side of a woodgrain embossing folder to impress the fondant before I wrapped the cake to give it a gorgeous mountainey texture.

Thanks for looking!

Schmiles, Chef Mitchie www.facebook.com/mitchiesmunchies


Great cake..

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

your kids comment tickled my heart strings!!

Schmiles, Chef Mitchie www.facebook.com/mitchiesmunchies

thank you cakey friends, you’re all very schweet!

Schmiles, Chef Mitchie www.facebook.com/mitchiesmunchies

Cool techniques & lighting effect💖

sugar voyager

I love it!! Beautiful

Amanda Bowman