Double sided wedding cake

Double sided wedding cake
Double sided wedding cake

I had a bit of free reign on this cake which is my favourite kind of cake…the front had to be super simple and clean featuring the roses that would be used for the bridal bouquet….they are my first attempt at this style of rose and my second attempt at a rose without any cutters or wires so were quite a challenge :D …the wedding was in a castle in Umbria and the butterflies were in the beaded detailing on the wedding dress….the picture frame was also a key detail on the ‘save the date’ for the wedding and then used again for the seating arrangement and so i thought it would be fun to have them posing through it for the cake…..i think the most stressful part of the cake was transporting it over 5 hours in the car and around all the bends and bumps on the way to the castle …luckily the internal structure i had built kept it all intact :) and the reaction to the cake made it all worth while….and if anyone has time in Italy i definitely recommend visiting Umbria!! Anyway enough of me rambling….hope you like it! sarahx



Amazing, love it. Details are fantastic.

Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Sarah this is fantastic. .so well done
.love it!


:) thank you Enza and SweetKOKEKO !!


Its absolutely like a lovely dream ! Wish I could fave it a hundred times xxx

How Cool!!! Wonderful cake!!

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