Intro to Technicolor

Intro to Technicolor
Intro to Technicolor Intro to Technicolor Intro to Technicolor Intro to Technicolor

So Ive been playing at this idea for a while. (fade into a flashback…lol) On a drive one day I told my boyfriend how I wanted to make a black and white cake….he of course, having been with me since the very first day I started making cakes, immediately started brainstorming with me and brilliantly thought of the idea for Black & White Mickey. But we couldn’t just leave it at that, no we had to make it “special” (more on that to follow). Finally it was announced that my Aunt’s 50th birthday party was happening…there it was!!…my chance!! She has loved Mickey since she was a little girl and I knew this would be PERFECT! I set to work making Mickey and baking the cake…now if you click the last picture in the post you will see the “special” part…the inside was probably the brightest rainbow cake I have ever made. I really wanted it to pop! Sadly the cake got to the party before I did and I missed the chance to take a pic of the cake with a slice out of it, instead you can see a picture of the very last bit of it…but you get the point ;] I wanted to symbolize the move from black & white to technicolor, and hopefully I captured it as well as I’m hoping I did..haha. All in all I was thrilled with it, and I hope you all enjoy!


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