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Number 10 sleepover meets go-karting cake!

Fay was turning 10 and asked me if I could make her a cake that combined her go-karting party with her girly sleepover afterwards…her wish was my command!

I’ve always loved Bobie’s fabulous sleepover cake and being the lovely lady she is she gave me permission to recreate the head standing figure. The go-kart is being driven by Fay’s beloved (and very old) teddy Joy, complete with loose threads (my pen didn’t slip! Ha)

Thanks for looking xx

-- Mel, Yorkshire,

number cake ten 10 sleepover go-kart headstand teddy


Allways Julez

Great job, Mel… looks great ♥

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

LOVE it Mellie and especially love the colours =D

Estrele Cakes

Love it!!! Awesome job at combing everything! Xx

Elli Warren

Its gorgeous Mel!! So pretty and cute!!! :-) x

For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)

brilliant cake x

AWG Hobby Cakes



Brilliant x


Love it Mellie x


Such a fun cake :D. Love it!!

Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Love the design! What a great way to execute the 2 themes! Very cute :) xx

Sugarpatch Cakes

Fun design, love the number 10 and both themes together! Fab cake!




ahaha… Love it!!

JT Cakes

HAHAHA!! Fantastic. A super Fun cake. Nice

Helen Campbell

I love that he is standing on his head x

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Number 10 sleepover meets go-karting cake!