Another Boys Cake! Sigh

Another Boys Cake! Sigh
Another Boys Cake! Sigh Another Boys Cake! Sigh

I seriously need to make some flowers soon :). Stencil cut then air brushed, the blood is created using coco butter melted and ruby red powder mixed in. I then used a clean tooth brush to splatter the blood and the droplets dried raised so gave it quite a cool effect.

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


I love it Liz! My 15 year old son watches this, its sunday morning though and hes still in bed! So ill show it him later ;-)
Love the blood effect and the hand print!
I know what you mean about boys cakes, I have 3 sons. But next week ive got a girly minion giant cupcake, cant wait! ;-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Why do you say that, this girl is a big Walking Dead fan so for me this one is GREAT!!!!!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Amazing cake Elizabeth!!!! Like you I prefer flowers and frills on cakes but I do appreciate good work and you did an amazing job on this one!!!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Not a pretty cake granted, a very cool one for a 15 year old though!

Mel, Yorkshire,

what a boy’s cake this is! great!

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