The Jackets; Grease. My Contribution to CPC's Grease is 40 Years Old Collab - Cake by Victoria Forward
Santa Bauble Cake  - Cake by Calli Creations
Homophobia monster for "The Caketastics Collaboration" - Cake by Daniel Diéguez
The Monster of Child-labor - The Caketasics Collaboration 2017 - Cake by Nicola Keysselitz
Skul cake 3D Halloween - Cake by MisdulcesSisi
Caketastic Collaboration- Internet Troll - Cake by Calli Creations
Pinup blowing bubble - Cake by Francesca Speranza - Sugar Artist
Dave Grohl  - Cake by lameladiAurora
African Lion Painting Sketch Birthday Cake - Cake by Calli Creations
French bulldog  - Cake by Sugar Addict by Alexandra Alifakioti
Raven - Steam Cake Collaboration - Cake by Sandra Smiley
Kinky Boots Inspired - My NY Cake Show Entry - Cake by Akademia Tortu - Magda Kubiś
3D Frodo Cake - Cake by Marta Hidalgo
"Caperucita Roja" - "Primavera de Libro" Collaboration - Cake by The Cookie Lab  by Marta Torres
Caribbean pirates cake - Cake by simplyblue
Sugar Skull Bakers 2016 - Cake by Calli Creations
Sugar Skull Bakers 2016 Collaboration  - The Marriage - Cake by Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)
Brazilian Music - Cake by Verusca Walker
Jazz! - Cake by Fashflower's cake by Margherita Ferrara
Sophia Loren - Cake by Cristina Pontarolo
The Caketastics - Recumberer Monster - Cake by Lovin' From The Oven
Lost in mind... - Cake by dortUM
Chococaketastic vs Abdominator! for the Caketastics collaboration - Cake by Daniel Diéguez
The Caketastics. The Shadower - Cake by Calli Creations