Hi. I am Francesca. I have not so much things to say about me. I studied English ang German literature in Rome. I got my graduation in 2001. I have 2 wonderful little girls aged 8 and 2 (for others 3 weeks). I always like each form of art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, theatre. In 2014 was born my youngest daughter. She is an adorably little Attila. She never slept. So I began to have a lot of time free during the night. One night, at the beginning of 2015, a little piece of sugarpaste happened to cross my way. It was a first sight love. So I began to try. I am just an absolute beginner. I knew very few of pastry and even less of cake design. I don't really know if I am good enough but I really like this form of art. Above all modelling figures. My cakes are above all ironic. I like, above all, to imagine the smile on the mouth of the celebreted. I hope you like my humble works. ❤


Francesca, sei semplicemente bravissima!
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