Van Gogh “Starry night” hand painted cake

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love your work…you’re a very talented artist

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I’m a big fan of your work too !!! I follow you on facebook ;)

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Welcome to CakesDecor… you have some amazing creations…. love your cookies with cartoons!


Thank you Allways Julez !!!! I’m glad you like them…

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You are a truly artist Alexandra! You know how I love your style. You have a new follower here :) |||

I admire yours too Tartas Imposibles . Thanks for the support :)

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Interesting style, I am following you ;-)

Kate Plumcake, Lake Como, Italy -

Thank you Kate !!! I hope you enjoy it

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Thank you Znique creations :) !!!!
New follow from me too

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Wowowo I am so glad I came across your work!!! fabulous! and so you have a new follower!

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Thank you @Delicut cakes!!!! You make me so happy !!!!!! But what can I say about your bulldog cake… I’m totally in love with it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful cakes Alexandra!

il mondo di ielle

Thank you il mondo di ielle !!!!!! I’ma big fan of yours!!!!!

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