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Layres Cakes

Apr 2014 56 Kent, England


CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Louise, thanks a lot for the lovely comment you left on my profile page and welcome to CakesDecor!!!! I am sure you will soon feel at home here as all members are very friendly, helpful and supportive!!!! I see that you are already acquainted with the Maltese favourite fast food, the pastizzi!!!! Instead of sending you some, why don’t you come over here, enjoy the sun and eat pastizzi fresh from the oven!!! BTW loved the two cakes you posted today!! Hope to see more of your work on this site soon!!


Little Apple Cakes

Hi Louise, it’s great to see you here too!!! A follow back at ya! <3

Layres Cakes

Hi Marlene, Thank you, I am overwhelmed at how welcoming and friendly everyone is! There are so many talented people on here – I wish there was an easy way to follow everyone!
Yes I LOVE pastizzis!!! I tried to make some myself but the ricotta here just isn’t the same! I hope to go to Malta again soon though.
Thank you so much, I was a tad nervous posting them as everyones cakes on here are flawless! Thank you for your kindness, I look forward to seeing more of your work too!

Hi Selma, thank you again for all of your tips and taking the time to reply to me. I LOVE your sugar shoes!! I have always wanted to make a pair of sugar shoes.



Hi Louise, welcome to CD and you have a new follow from me too.


Hi Louise <3 nice to meet you here xx

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Louise, let me know if you come to Malta, we could meet and go and have some pastizzi together! Would love to meet you!

Layres Cakes

Hi Luna & Linasari! Nice to meet you both =)

The Custom Cakery

Thanks Louise! lovely to ‘meet’ you! X


Hi louise, thank you for your lovely message, we’re looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful cakes xx

Sugarpatch Cakes

Hi Louise, thanks for the follow! I’m following you now too!


Hi, thanks for the follow! I am still trying to find my way around here. I see people call you Louise, and have no idea where they see that. But welcome anyway! Nice to meet you! Your cakes are beautiful!

Layres Cakes

Yes definitely Marlene I will! We might be coming over in September and staying with family in Sliema! You too!

Thank you Mel, Nats & Debs and Cheryl!!!

You are welcome Maggie! They know my name because I always sign my messages Louise. My name is Louise Ayres… hense Layres Cakes :) If you follow all of the people all the people I have followed they are all lovely people and I am sure will follow you back!

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Hi Louise, thanks for the follow and the lovely comments. I love the three cakes you have posted here so far, hope to see lots more. xx

Sweetened by Kagi

Thank you so much for the lovely follow and comment on my page! I look forward to seeing your beautiful cakes :)


Hi, Thank you for following, I am now following you too :-)